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Brilliant tactical halftime decision? Maybe. After being sacked by Chelsea their former bus driver took his position behind the Watford wheel but after changing ends at halftime he left the handbrake off. Football is that simple. It wasn’t swapping players and swapping them around, it wasn’t unadulterated class, effort, skill and vision all that would […]

3 o’clock Saturday, how novel, do you think it’ll catch on? Watford has become generally accepted as the natural divide between Southern Jessies and normal people and when travelling south is where the graffiti starts. The football club is notable for winning absolutely nothing but is celebrated for its closeness to nature as it’s branded […]

After a thrilling performance, believe it or not, it was all about defence and defence is coached by Manuel Pellegrini himself. On the pitch it doesn’t start with clean-sheet Joe but with Aguero pressing the defenders making it much easier for our midfielders to take charge and it’s difficult even for a toothpick to pinpoint […]

Everton founding member of the football league, respect deserved for that but lending their third team’s green shirts so that Liverpool could play, definitely removes the kudos. They even let them have cess pit Anfield to call home. Everton moved from one of the worse grounds ever to one of the worse grounds ever. Goodison […]

Armani has been in touch to inform us that the ban on football activities has been lifted and at long last life is slowly getting back to normal. The Sierra Leone FA are holding a 3 day Football Tournament for Premiership and Division One Clubs called “Kick Ebola out of Sierra Leone” which starts on Friday 21st August at the […]