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Our AGM will be held on Monday 26th September at Houldsworth WMC starting at 7.00pm. The AGM is open to Reddish Blues Members only on production of your Membership Card for this season. Our Branch Meeting will follow the AGM at 8.00pm and as usual is open to everyone. Our confirmed guest is Les “Chappy” […]

Is Bournemouth in Wilshire? Rumour has it that Pogba is hiding somewhere in Wilshire wherever that is and whoever that is, except to give us our first goal, Wilshire’s contribution to the game was zero, Jack shit. All players were outstanding with KDB and Raheem Sterling jostling for the MoM award contested too by the […]

It’s two weeks until our AGM on Monday 26th September and it’s time to nominate a Charity for this season.  We really want to concentrate on local Charities that may sometimes get overlooked, or not get the funding they deserve; where we can get involved in more ways than raising funds.   Please send your nomination to h.glennon@hotmail.co.uk and a […]

“Why always me?” Mario my canary had been repeating to itself in the little mirror anything to get out of going to the swamp. Well he is the early warning system to all things noxious. Not 1 – 6 this time but it felt just as good. Did you notice all those ex-reds declaring that […]