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Happy New Year to all Blues everywhere.

The away team had 61% possession with double the number of shots, hammered the hosts 13-1 on corners so how is that team above us in the league? Oh they did beat us on fouls but we had more bookings so even our fouls are perceived as better than theirs. Would I be out of […]

How they won with only 38% possession and nearly zero shots of any kind I’ll never know. We’re still going to win the league for the simple reason that ours is the best team in it. Perhaps Joe Hart should change from ‘Head and Shoulders’ to ‘Cock and Balls’ and learn to keep his legs shut. […]

We are organising transport to Everton on Wednesday 6th January which leaves Houldsworth WMC at 4.00pm and the cost is £15 for adults and £5 for under 16’s. If you want to travel with us then send an email to reddishblues@btinternet.com and put “AWAY TRAVEL – EVERTON” in the subject box.

Twas the Monday night before Christmas at Arsenal, a poem by Clement Clarke Moore or pantomime. I can think of more attractive venues. Even the pubs near to the stadium are crap. Chelsea we could have taken the Mickey but Arsenal, unlikely. Money ruining sport is a fashionable theme these days popularised immediately after WW1 […]