Our AGM will be held on Friday 4th September at Houldsworth WMC starting at 7.00pm.  The AGM Notice and Guidelines have been emailed to Members. If you would like to stand for one of the positions available then please complete the Nomination Form and return by Monday 31st August. Please note the AGM is open to Reddish […]

We are organising transport to Sunderland on Tuesday 22nd September. If you want to travel with us then send an email to awaytravel@hotmail.co.uk and put “AWAY TRAVEL – SUNDERLAND” in the subject box.

Brilliant tactical halftime decision? Maybe. After being sacked by Chelsea their former bus driver took his position behind the Watford wheel but after changing ends at halftime he left the handbrake off. Football is that simple. It wasn’t swapping players and swapping them around, it wasn’t unadulterated class, effort, skill and vision all that would […]

We are organising transport to Spurs on Saturday 26th September. If you want to travel with us then send an email to awaytravel@hotmail.co.uk and put “AWAY TRAVEL – SPURS” in the subject box.

Armani has been in touch to inform us that the ban on football activities has been lifted and at long last life is slowly getting back to normal. The Sierra Leone FA are holding a 3 day Football Tournament for Premiership and Division One Clubs called “Kick Ebola out of Sierra Leone” which starts on Friday 21st August at the […]