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Everton founding member of the football league, respect deserved for that but lending their third team’s green shirts so that Liverpool could play, definitely removes the kudos. They even let them have cess pit Anfield to call home. Everton moved from one of the worse grounds ever to one of the worse grounds ever. Goodison Park offers a limited view for the away fans. No spot-the-ball photos taken here as the football regularly disappears into the ethers.

Based in the 2008 European capital of culture, Everton FC incongruously displays a gaol on its crest.

  1. What do you call a Scouser in a suit?
  2. The defendant.

To the match. The Everton motley will take it in turns to administer GBH to David Silva thereby collecting single yellow cards and reducing the risk of a red. The dirty gets do it regularly and if they do it to Sterling as well some fans might cite them for child abuse. I just hope our men survive.

Nicknamed the Toffees. In the 1960s a lady would walk the perimeter of the pitch chucking striped mints into the crowd. Chewing them gave you lockjaw, sucking the odd one might require a huge toothpick. We used to throw them back.

Unlike most clubs that choose to honour a kid as a mascot these days Everton selects a young female fan to chuck toffees at people. It’s all humbug.