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The Reddish Branch of the Manchester City Supporters Club can trace its roots back to the 1960’s when meetings were held at the Union Inn on Broadstone Road. Leslie Morris was the Branch Secretary who is the grandfather of Keith Williams who is a Member of the current Reddish Blues.

At some time during the 1970’s the Branch moved from the Union to Houldsworth Working Men’s Club on Leamington Road where they organised mini buses to Maine Road on match days. Sadly Leslie Morris passed away in the early 1980’s. Reference is made in the City v Everton programme on Saturday 20th March 1982 that Branch meetings were now being held at Houldsworth Conservative Club, Gorton Road on alternate Tuesdays and the Branch Secretary was a Mr R Hawley. Sometime during the late 1980’s the Reddish Branch merged with the Stockport Branch to become the Stockport and Reddish Branch. Not long after the merger, for whatever reason, Reddish was dropped and the Branch just became known as Stockport.

In November 1997 John Powell, then Licensee of The Carousel and Bob Emerson, proprietor of the Newsagents next door to The Carousel, arranged a meeting of Blues in the Reddish area. Clive Hamilton, then Secretary of the Manchester Centenary Supporters Association (CSA) attended the meeting outlining how to set up a Supporters Branch and more importantly how to run it. That was it, the Reddish Branch was reborn. Rising like a Phoenix from the ashes our first meeting was held on Wednesday 10th December 1997 at The Carousel, Reddish Road.

Our first season as a Branch (‘97/’98) saw City relegated to the 3rd tier of English football. Despite this minor setback, Reddish Blues showed their loyalty and Branch Membership was increasing month by month. In April of 1999 the Stockport Branch of the CSA made contact with us with a view to a merger. Talks took place between we the two Committees and it was felt that it would be of benefit to Members of both Branches to merge. After a memorable trip to Wembley in May 1999 the new season saw a massive increase in Branch Membership. The increase was so much that we had out grown the function room at The Carousel and with much reluctance we had to find an alternative venue.

In November 1999 we moved to The Ash Hotel, Manchester Road where we were based for nearly 9 years.

In May 2008 we moved to Reddish Working Men’s Club on Greg Street, South Reddish, Stockport.

January 2013 saw us return to Houldsworth Working Men’s Club, Leamington Road, where the Branch met in the 1970’s.

We pride ourselves on the Members we have within the Branch. All are a great bunch of people.

We have Members who don’t go to City but come to all Branch meetings. We have Members that only use the Branch for the home travel. We have Members that only use the Branch for away travel and we have Members that use the Branch for everything. We think we cater for everyone’s needs. If sometimes we do get it wrong then the Members let us know and we put it right and of course we are always open to any new ideas.

As always new Members are more than welcome.