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Although I’ll never have the ref fitting carpets in my house it was nice to have the routine back against Southampton, 3-1 and a return to the top of the league will do for me. Quote of the weekend by Gary Lineker: “Massive point that for Manchester U****d. Hanging on like that against Leicester shows […]

For me it was the kind of robbery common in days of old around Sherwood, we were unlucky against Notts County but it bodes well for when Merlin returns. Top or second is immaterial we’ll still need to beat a good team in either case but we have qualified for the next stage! First English […]

We’ve booked 100 seats for the Panto at Stockport Plaza on Saturday 19th December…..oh yes we have!!!! All seats have now been sold. We will be contacting the Plaza to see if we can book additional seats and will let people on the reserve list know shortly. Great news….we’ve booked the extra seats….oh yes we have….so everyone […]

Hi all, It’s that time of year again where City in The Community (CiTC) are organising their annual Santa Stroll. This year it will take place on Sunday 6th December at 11.30am, of course at our beloved Etihad. The fun starts from 9.30am in City Square! You can walk, jog or even skip the 5km […]

“Alan Ball’s a football genius” City fans’ sense of humour spared my blushes on that frightful day, fright easily beaten by the fear factor absorbed when Old Rednose once reached for me after his famous chewing gum got stuck on the seat of his pants (edited version). Away games must be rejoiced by the Kopites; […]