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Do you or any of your family and friends do their online shopping for City kit, clothing and merchandise at the Official City Store? If so you can now do this via the link above (or below if your viewing this in the full window) and we’ll receive 8% of your order which will go […]

We are organising transport to Sunderland on Sunday 5th March which leaves Houldsworth WMC at 10:00am and the cost is £20 adults and £15 U16’s. If you want to travel with us then please send an email to reddishblues@btinternet.com and put “AWAY TRAVEL – SUNDERLAND” in the subject box. ****ONLY 3 SEATS LEFT****

We are organising transport to Huddersfield on Saturday 18th February  which leaves Houldsworth WMC at 11.00am and the cost is £12. If you want to travel with us then please send an email to reddishblues@btinternet.com and put “AWAY TRAVEL – HUDDERSFIELD” in the subject box.    

Pre-owned’. What does it mean? Has it never been owned, brand new or is it second-hand? Am I paranoid? What contempt could the pundits throw our way after a succession of mauled victories over clubs located south of Watford? Oh, at half-time the first suggestion was West Ham had made three mistakes, when the only […]