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After a thrilling performance, believe it or not, it was all about defence and defence is coached by Manuel Pellegrini himself. On the pitch it doesn’t start with clean-sheet Joe but with Aguero pressing the defenders making it much easier for our midfielders to take charge and it’s difficult even for a toothpick to pinpoint the individual role of a player I mean Kolarov ran 70 yards to score then defended valiantly. I like Navas, he’s no Billy but he defends better which gives us the platform for attack, his crossing and shooting could be better dressed with pink boots though. Eee when I were a lad, a wee bench splinter, all boots were mud coloured and made of lead. I was often used for flicking out the caked mud, unlike Phil Jones I was a useful tool, a useful prick.

For those lucky enough to be seated facing the pitch, the game was great to watch with pure class responsible for the goals. Martinez was magnanimous in defeat, a refreshing contrast to the Portuguese Man of Straw.

Notwithstanding David Silva could be MOTM every time he plays (also postulated by the TV pundits) Kolarov deserves a mention not just for his lung-busting goal but for his all-round play. Knocking the Queen into a cocked hat I am so looking forward to his Christmas message. Yes Aleksandar, with the exception of red, you can wear boots of any colour you damn-well like.