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Brilliant tactical halftime decision? Maybe. After being sacked by Chelsea their former bus driver took his position behind the Watford wheel but after changing ends at halftime he left the handbrake off. Football is that simple. It wasn’t swapping players and swapping them around, it wasn’t unadulterated class, effort, skill and vision all that would be fake. Just ask Mourhino. Such is his tactical nous the overrated one wanted to make 4 substitutions against Palace. As the greatest manager in his own mind having a game-plan won’t work just ask Alan Pardew (and we’ve got him next).

My favourite moment: when the 0-2 score line from Anfield wrapped itself around the sanctuary of the Etihad Stadium just as Raheem scored. Timing. Priceless.


And today as they performed their customary beating of MU the Swans sang to the motleys “Your city is blue!” If pride’s a sin I’m going to Hell, torture indeed with its overflow of Rags.