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If December is the time for reflection then January is the month to declare ambition. Not for nothing do we traditionally announce our New Year’s Resolutions. Giving up stuff, losing weight, going to the gym, riding miles on a bike, becoming a better person. All doomed of course. It’s easy to be ambitious when consumed […]

“Referees are protected like lions in a zoo”. With only Mourinho and sheep better at bleating than Woolwich Wenger the fact that his team had more headless chickens than a slaughterhouse at Christmas escaped his attention. Always looking for a scapegoat in defeat stamping his foot like a 5-year-old and declaring ”not fair” is Wenger’s […]

So he took it upon himself to provide the referee’s duties, Aguero attempted to remove Side-show Bob from the pitch as Anthony Taylor was too chicken to do it in the first half. In the resulting melee Slime-ball Fabregas thanked Fernandinho for his offering of protection by slapping his face. Dino reacted less violently than […]

So we are off to play Palace managed by that slime-ball Pardew; if he was made of chocolate he’d lick himself to death. Death by chocolate. Even the Palace fans can’t stand the creep. Dispense with them and we are travelling back in time to Burnley where until the railways were built it really had […]

After our stunning performance against Barcelona you’d think at least the Brexiteers would jump on board with commendations. Oh no, the BBC website was awash with negativity. Several questioning why they should be happy that a foreign team beat Barcelona. Bloody cheek what with John Stones, Raheem Sterling and Gunn on the bench all captained […]