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So he took it upon himself to provide the referee’s duties, Aguero attempted to remove Side-show Bob from the pitch as Anthony Taylor was too chicken to do it in the first half. In the resulting melee Slime-ball Fabregas thanked Fernandinho for his offering of protection by slapping his face. Dino reacted less violently than we all would but the result was just the same. Shame it wasn’t a proper right hook or a good choking, better to get hung for a sheep than a lamb.

Referee Taylor can reflect on his decision to make Chelsea champions as he seats himself for his Christmas dinner that shall be undoubtedly a capon we are what we eat after all, simultaneously Fabregas will be settling down to his customary Christmas plate of greasy snake.

Cesc, now I know the name of my next pet viper. I mean, would you trust anybody who drops the “Fran” from his name?

We can expect a determined Celtic next presuming they want to continue in Europe like Queen Sturgeon would have us believe. Our team selection shall be interesting. I’ll be going old fashioned twirling the Fabregas tail as a football rattle.