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“Referees are protected like lions in a zoo”. With only Mourinho and sheep better at bleating than Woolwich Wenger the fact that his team had more headless chickens than a slaughterhouse at Christmas escaped his attention. Always looking for a scapegoat in defeat stamping his foot like a 5-year-old and declaring ”not fair” is Wenger’s usual stance. And what crap could the pundits bore us with? What shitty City fact could they throw in our faces? It’s the first time since blah-blah that City has been losing at half time then gone on to win, completely oblivious to the fact that since blah-blah we’ve never been losing at half-time. Was there mention of our recent glorious come-backs? Barcelona? Nah, that would be praise, can’t have that.

Hardly surprising with all that poultry on the pitch the only stat Arsenal excelled in was fouls.

To Hull and back. No Boxing Day blues please. Should be a push over but like Arsen don’t count your chickens.