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If December is the time for reflection then January is the month to declare ambition. Not for nothing do we traditionally announce our New Year’s Resolutions. Giving up stuff, losing weight, going to the gym, riding miles on a bike, becoming a better person. All doomed of course. It’s easy to be ambitious when consumed by goodwill still with an assemblage full of Christmas spirit choked up to the eyeballs. But we are different. We are City. We have the Blue Danube coursing through our systems, the inevitability of a switchback river with its highs and lows.

After a period of no newspapers and endless Where Eagles Dare runs on TV interjected by the occasional game of footie we are rightfully hopeful of better things to come; but no investment, no oil sheik millionaire can ever change the ethos of our beloved Blues. Up and down is in our nature, it’s in our DNA. This month of anticipation and expectancy the headlines could have read Big Dippers Beaten by Bin Dippers broken with a news sheet of Yaya’s Yoyos Hammer Hammers such is our way. And yet I still feel we are on the verge of greatness, we are almost there. Just around the corner in the snow Richard Burton is fighting on the roof of a cable car and winning. Winning! And like Richard and Clint all we should really do is dare!