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Liverpool 0 Sterling 3. Even without the murderous Sergio and Silva the Cherries were picked off with consumate ease. This time the spray passing was provided by the guns of De Bruyne and Otamendi (nice to get away with one, he could have walked early doors). It was so pleasant to witness the #togetherness as Bony hugged Jesus for providing his second goal and the young lad Iheanacho was unlucky to be ruled offside for our sixth but it ‘Promises’ well for the future.

What more fruit? Sevilla next. Voted best team in all the land and all the world in 2006 and 2007 but we know differently don’t we? Founded by a load of drunken Scotsmen they once beat Barcelona 11-1.

Sevilla Futbol Club SAD well they will be on Wednesday. Here’s hoping we leave a bitter taste in their mouths just like their lethal suck-in-your-cheeks oranges (but good in Blue Moon beer)and they can leave the stadium sucking in their cheeks, their glutes, as if their ass is chewing a Toffo.