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Is Bournemouth in Wilshire? Rumour has it that Pogba is hiding somewhere in Wilshire wherever that is and whoever that is, except to give us our first goal, Wilshire’s contribution to the game was zero, Jack shit.

All players were outstanding with KDB and Raheem Sterling jostling for the MoM award contested too by the ghost of Alfredo di Stefano that currently resides within Aleksandar Kolarov. The ugly duckling is now a very fine swan and we have them next x2. Firstly to defend our trophy, secondly to defend our 100% Premiership start or that could read: firstly to defend our 100% start then secondly to defend our 100% start. Typical City, making something difficult even if it is just writing about them. I expect that we shall see different personnel beginning the two games but again irrespective of who plays, like Trigger’s broom the goal and means to the goal shall not change.


Pogba’s second name is ‘Labile’ which means easily broken down or displaced so he could be anywhere and in pieces hence I suggest that the Rags give up looking for him and does Wilshire really exist or is it fictional like Brigadoon, Nania, Hades or Salford?