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“Why always me?” Mario my canary had been repeating to itself in the little mirror anything to get out of going to the swamp. Well he is the early warning system to all things noxious. Not 1 – 6 this time but it felt just as good. Did you notice all those ex-reds declaring that the derby isn’t a big game? Well congratulations to them for having a capacity crowd (for a change) on Saturday.

Of course the media were stirring it against City with Sky having a webpage dedicated to answering their question “were MU cruelly denied?” No mention that the Rag allegedly fouled shouldn’t have been on the pitch, dirty untouchable Shrek ogre. They were denied all right, of a scoreline genuinely describing the pasting they received.

In mini Europe on Thursday nights might I suggest that their opponents practice defending against the long ball?

With all the facilities we possess at the Etihad, strange that the Blues are now having their training sessions at OT, unless it’s to allow more space for our magnificent women’s team.

Real Europe on Tuesday, so looking forward to it and keeping an ear open to happenings in northeast Spain. No Brexit: it would be Great Britain if the two UK clubs qualify from our group. Come on the Blues!