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In Pep’s old club own of Barcelona when they banned bullfighting it wasn’t out of sympathy for el toro but because it was considered dangerous to the human. The first half saw West Ham come close to getting slaughtered as our toreadors poured forward like liquid velvet. Of course the main event according to the media wasn’t the sublime football oh no the slapstick circus wants to pillory Aguero for his covert act of self-defence after West Ham used him repeatedly as a Jungle Jim climbing frame. What do you expect? After a fly has continued to buzz around your head even a pacifist from planet vegan can only stand it for so long until they want to swat it. All a convenient distraction from the failure to dismiss cold symptom Masuaku (bless you) after a series of assaults mainly on Sterling making the crime either GBH or child abuse. And how can Raheem be reborn FGS he’s only just out of his nappies.

We have a break coming but the players haven’t as most shall be representing their country. Ironically el toro Aguero has a calf strain, just pray they all return safe and sound for the Rags match.