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Well they’ve started, the media parasites’ gross mis-use of the ‘F’ word. The disease started in Sky Sports, carried airborne to Batch of the Day and became pandemic by its easy transfer across the litter of the rag trade.


Apparently we were flattered by the scoreline. Even Sparky was forced to agree when he had the idea shoved in his face.

It’s so contagious no wonder they banned using newspaper for wrapping fish and chips.

The next time somebody goes on about “all that money” ask them if they are proud of Team GB. When Manchester has won more medals than Australia it just shows what encouragement and financial investment can do.

However there’s always some wastage. Rag Trade, Peroxide Pogba’s reversal made the Rags a loss of something like £90m. Go flatter.

Wednesday shall present another F-word “formality”. The only surprises will be in player choice.