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Like many of the City team I’ve been on vacation, well in Madrid at least the fans turned up but officially unlike the team we were on our jollies not supposed to be working and thanks to City’s European exploits I’ve had some cracking trips abroad. I know the fans will feel like they work very hard and despair at the apparent lack of effort of several players, but things will change soon, wholesale. Just one more massive effort Blues in yet another foreign country to ensure the holidays continue in the major league.

As we are the best fans in all the league and all the world I believe we receive our just desserts. Remember the Leicester fans applauding on 24 minutes in respect of Neil Young? Look where they are now. And the Villa fans vociferous derision at ex players? Goodbye and good riddance you’ve got back what you put in. So now it’s up to us the fans to party one more time, to allow our natural enthusiasm, our impeccability to carry us forward into next season’s Champions League. Karma. The alternative shall be unbearable.