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There was I about to declare our power in dispensing with little teams like Bournemouth, PSG and Chelsea when Newcastle sticks out a foot and trips us up. Back to basics v Stoke with a 4-nil victory, as per usual we don’t know what to expect and results difficult to predict. Typical City really.

It’s obvious where our priorities lie somewhere between Madrid and Milan. Sandwiched between Stoke and Southampton is a home game involving a little Spanish club The Meringues. A confection noted for its stiff peaks that crumbles easily. Very much like their football team too sweet and puffy for me. Rumours of injuries to their soft stars are just media hype emanating from Spain I feel as I gorge on a large slice of bomb-proof custard Manchester tart; real pudding preferred to Real puddings.

Abroad custard is known as “Creme Anglais”. That’s us the cream of England. Up and at ‘em Blues, we’re nearly there.


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