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With Arfa Bollock in goal a victory was always expected. Our defence started with Aguero on their 12-yard line. That second goal was sublime; as the ball left Kun’s foot it found its way into the net via Silva and KDB without touching the ground. How can you defend against that? Impossible.

A repeat of the dose on Wednesday will do nicely. Pinocchio’s brother Zlatan who picks his teeth with a caber shot his bolt at weekend with a hat-trick; he nearly had 4 except his nose was adjudged offside. Look out for their captain Silva, if he’s half the talent that David has he’ll be dangerous and nobody can forget that big bruiser bog-brush David Luiz.

We might return from France wounded and bleeding but remember Waterloo, Agincourt. We shall prevail. Up and at ‘em Blues.


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