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Penalty shootouts don’t you just love them? Maybe not all of them but 1999 and the awesome latest can’t get better. Roller-coaster stuff yet again from the magnificent Blues. We might not win every game or every game that we should but boy we are always exciting to watch. Even the League Cup warm-down (the match on Wednesday night) was fascinating.

Capital One Cup: Klipperty and the boring biased TV pundits all thought Liverpool would walk it, now instead of their prawn sandwiches they’re eating humble scouse.

Bread and butter fodder on Saturday against Villa whose fans disgust me even more than Liverpool’s with their graceless slaughter of ex-players discharging them to the next lower tier. Regardless of the result against us they are dropping a league and with apologies to Micah and co., good riddance. Mind, their fans will be able to be miserable and obnoxious more often with all those derby games.

Somebody remarked that my seat at the Etihad gets rained on quite a lot but I pointed out that it doesn’t matter as I only use the edge.