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Everyone’s talking about our Willy. Maybe we should vote for a Big Willy statue strategically positioned at the West Stand??

Keeping Willy as keeper; Pellegrini’s word, his promise was more “important” than winning the trophy. If the ref had awarded the penalty for the foul on Aguero and we’d scored it then Willy’s opportunity to shine would never have happened. Willy Wonka against Chelsea, Manuel invested in him for the Final, a decision we all agreed with right? After playing Billy Idol during the game, such was Liverpool’s lack of fire-power; his time came after extra time.

We’ve got them again on Wednesday night but with England’s #1 between the sticks. Expecting that Vinny’s sympathy has waned and with our Captain returned let’s mercilessly deal with them once more. Although MP is a gentleman I hope the ruthless qualities associated with Pep Guardiola are what we need to be world beaters.

Well possums, Klipperty needs to change his specs, not just because he can’t see the action like everybody else but because currently, he looks like Dame Edna.



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