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We appear to have set another record; the aggregate of the shirt numbers was the highest ever.

Consequently, before the team selection was declared it seemed inevitable that we would concede any further involvement in this year’s FA Cup so I jumped aboard the Tardis and listened to the Alan Green commentary on the radio. He gave the impression that the kids played well but were let down by the senior players. You can decide if he was watching the same game that you were but he did exclaim his delight at the City fans as they stayed to show their appreciation of the young Blues. Complete opposite to West Brom, of course Mr Green had every right to be surprised, well not really, many times now our fans have established and consolidated their spot at the top of the league, a position hardly likely to be lost on Wednesday as we take on other Champions. Shouldn’t be too difficult a task after our Churchillian wave at FIFA.

For me this is the first leg of the big one; I can’t wait to venture further into Europe but for some the last 8 beckons like a siren on the rocks.

The only thing I want on the rocks is a double single malt, in celebration of course.


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