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He ensures controversy follows him, people with little or no talent need to do this. Some wear a daft hat to get noticed, others shout and scream. Clattenburg has been suspended for longer than Craig Bellamy, a player he sent off when performing for City it would appear just because he didn’t like him. History speaks for itself. An electrician by trade, not a very bright spark and a shocking referee. Would you let him install your electric oven? It’d be sparking and smoking and burning all your pizzas, your Balti pies.

Oh and has the offside rule been changed again?

Imagine if you did your job as badly.

Good to see our captain’s return and the young lad’s goal. I believe we are getting there; the performance wasn’t as bad as the outcome and when it comes together we’ll be hammering them again but with Chelsea, Kiev/Kyiv (managed by ex-Spurs Rebrov) and Liverpool on the horizon we need to get a move on. I expect some shall be rested for the FA Cup game; it’ll be an interesting line-up.

Penalty? I’ve held on to this report for a couple of days in the hope that I might cool down but like calamitous Clattenburg’s oven, I’m still fuming.


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