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Over the millennia they were all nutters those predicting the end of the world and so many of them with so many reasons but take note, the Blue Moon rising or sinking wasn’t one of them.

In the vain hope that we could perform yet another miracle many City fans stayed to the last but when denied changing the water into wine we took the opportunity to applaud the Leicester team. We might not yet have the best team in all the land and all the world but we do possess the best fans. I can’t say if our brilliant sportsmanship has been acknowledged by the media as I’ve been hiding behind the sofa for 4 days but I have begun to eat again, the disappointment was excised from me by that overwhelming urge one feels on smelling fish and chips.

No, the Blue Moon hasn’t exploded we are still fighting on all fronts.

Armageddon is always in the future.

We are still on the rollercoaster; make sure you’ve eaten.