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Leicester, welcome to the top four. They must be buzzing to be where they are as we never forget our heritage still cheering on reaching 40 points.

Congratulations to Aguero as he successfully took Vardy’s player of the month mantel. With last season’s Champions deep in the relegation dogfight and our very quiet neighbours battling against the state of Ennui, who should have thought that the game between City and Leicester could be a defining moment in where the Championship ends up?

Not only do we have two Fantastic goal scorers on view but should they shake off their shackles this pair needs to put the ball past a superb goalkeeper. I’ve a funny feeling that the MOTM performance could sneak in somewhere else on the pitch. Will be really exciting, can’t wait.

Ennui. Like Eskimos have so many words for snow, recently the rags have utilised a varied vocabulary for their style of play: boring, tedious, languid, listless, lethargic, yawn…