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The Norwich blog sites are a Wash with moaners bitching on that they’ve no mon€y to buy decent players proved right by fielding 11+ against us that a pub team would have been ashamed of. What with their beer price$ they could be putting in a bid for Aguero. No not really. If Kun had a little brother who was #hit at football he’d still be too good for that lot.

€verton again, 3 of 4. Won one lost one both away. 2 home games in quick succession should see us get 3 points and an entry in the League Cup Final unless we get our boots stuck in toffee. They’ll be dispensing humbugs on the pitch like Liverpool coppers chuck out stingers.  Anything to slow us, they usually kick us to bits, just watch our flyers get the flypaper treatment.

Rentokill next year’s Everton sponsors will be watching closely.