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OK watching City should come with a government health warning but we know that’s why we love ‘em. The latest national scaremonger news is that just a molecule of alcohol is bad for you. If you believe every bit of it there’d be no City fan anywhere over the age of 60. “We never win at home and we never win away…”

With all the rain that Manchester is famous for the three rivers on our lovely new crest for the most-part seem to easily dispatch it all, mind a flood wouldn’t affect me as I’m naturally buoyant being made of wood and a City fan. Notwithstanding the offside rules don’t apply in Liverpool; a 1-0 victory at our place is all we need to revisit Wembley and so onward to East Anglia to determine our way to Wembley via the old route.

I view the long haul to the fens with trepidation. Flat as a witch’s ti* it’s a peculiar part of the world and as many of the Norwich populous greet each other with high sixes visiting East Anglia always feels strange but it could be worse like playing hydrogen bomb dodge-ball in North Korea. Now that is scary but not as much as watching the mighty Blues….COME ON CITY!!!