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The away team had 61% possession with double the number of shots, hammered the hosts 13-1 on corners so how is that team above us in the league? Oh they did beat us on fouls but we had more bookings so even our fouls are perceived as better than theirs. Would I be out of order in suggesting our current away form is partly down to the officials? Clear offsides not given, Aguero performing a passing imitation of Rudolf Nureyev and more handballs than a room full of Maradonas all went by. Leicester is well above its rightful station and is fully expected to fall away; Vardy though is nailed-on to play in the England pub team of the year. This makes lucky Arsenal and offside experts (officials again) Spurs as our serious contenders, again the referees shall decide.

Er, has anybody here seen Chelsea? Can’t see them myself as looking down the league table, our next opponents Watford are blocking the view. I wrote extensively about Watford in August when we brushed them aside but they have improved since then; unlucky against spawny Spurs it shall be a good win for us in Saturday’s late game.

“He flies through the air with the greatest of ease”. Dangerous to hit the deck at Watford. I don’t anticipate Sergio will stay down for more than a moment around jailbird and captain Troy Deeney.