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Twas the Monday night before Christmas at Arsenal, a poem by Clement Clarke Moore or pantomime. I can think of more attractive venues. Even the pubs near to the stadium are crap. Chelsea we could have taken the Mickey but Arsenal, unlikely. Money ruining sport is a fashionable theme these days popularised immediately after WW1 by Arsenal buying into the top flight probably on money earned through selling arms. It is still the only club never to be relegated and currently is sitting in our spot at the top of the league, keeping it warm for us, it’s time we put them in their rightful place.

With the special one gone and talk of Pellegrini going Wenger seems to hang on for ever in his top-to-toe greyness. A couple of shades lighter on Monday will do for me, Joe Hart can provide him with the appropriate kit and I don’t mean goalkeeping jersey.

War the futility of it all. 90 minutes on the pitch is the only conflict I need to witness and when you consider that The Great War only became World War One when somebody decided to number them I feel our conflicts should be confined to the sport we love. Now, let’s do battle with Arsenal and slaughter them!