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And that team had just beaten Bayern Munich 3-1. With the failure in Europe of the rags I feared that England might lose the fourth spot qualification to Germany but not now, not after our exhilarating come-back.

I know it’s the pantomime season but watching the full 90 minutes on TV the commentators mentioned Stoke City 6 times within the first 15 minutes. Trevor Francis started like the arse-end of a pantomime horse but that’s all behind us chaps, “Oh yes it is!”

So roll on Swansea. On several occasions after being beaten by us a manager has been given the rivet but this time we’ve been pre-empted. After Billy you might think I’ve a soft spot for Welsh teams nut no, with the Queen’s permission let’s stuff the Swans for Christmas.

Rags. I feel it’s time to desist deriding them for their early entry into Thursday night football as any mention of them serves paying homage. Only joking, it’s so attractive and as they shall be pitched against our cast-offs, I promise this toothpick will continue to take the pith. Sevilla orange pith perhaps.

Trevor Francis, pantomime horse? Volunteers to be the front end please note that those drinking Guinness and eating curried beans shall be given priority and the successful applicant will receive 100 Reddish Blues points.