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Although I’ll never have the ref fitting carpets in my house it was nice to have the routine back against Southampton, 3-1 and a return to the top of the league will do for me. Quote of the weekend by Gary Lineker: “Massive point that for Manchester U****d. Hanging on like that against Leicester shows how far they’ve come under Van Gaal”. Kept us top though.

Hull City FC or is it? What’s in a name? Look out for the current owner on Tuesday; he’s easily recognisable by the male appendage growing from his head as he was unsuccessful in changing the name to Hull Tigers, openly declaring that if he owned the real City he would change the name to ‘Manchester Hunter’. Sorry, he’s the person with not one but two male accessories. Fortunately, for the moment, fan power rules.

After gaining relegation last season (about the only thing they’ve ever won) they are doing OK in the Championship and might bounce right back in true Winnie-The-Poo Tigger fashion. We must take it seriously to rid ourselves of these felines and I don’t want a surprise choice in players like those against the Scousers.

William Blake’s oft quoted poem about the tyger tyger burning bright doesn’t cut much truck with me, the only poetry I like rhymes with ‘Lamborghini’.

Sensing another Wembley visit I expect progress on Tuesday night. Tiger-skin rug anybody?


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