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For me it was the kind of robbery common in days of old around Sherwood, we were unlucky against Notts County but it bodes well for when Merlin returns. Top or second is immaterial we’ll still need to beat a good team in either case but we have qualified for the next stage! First English team to do so this season but will somebody please lift this gypsy injury curse?

Now to the Saints. Commonalities; church foundation, Alan Ball, Kevin Keegan, Mick Channon, failure to compete in Europe being denied by a ruling post Heysel Disaster (Scouse gits).

1976 saw their second greatest achievement in beating the much fancied Rags to win the FA Cup at odds of 5-1. The torrential Mancunian rain forced me to watch my small investment multiply on TV, thankfully. Their greatest moment came in 1960 when as a third division outfit they beat us 1-5 at Maine Road and we scored first. For weeks afterwards every time I closed my eyes I could see another City Welshman Cliff Sear skidding on his backside.

5 to 1. At almost hickory dickory I shall be supping yet another beloved pint of my favourite tipple.

Leaving nothing to chance, although I was crafted by delicate gypsy hands I have just increased my stock of wooden clothes pegs by several dozen. I’ve got thousands now.


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