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Typical City. 72% possession and still lost. Over 20 shots at goal with 8 on target. 16 corners. He was so busy the bubbles were emanating from their Keeper’s backside and exploding their deadly charge in Yaya’s orbit. As it was my job to pop them my eyes are still smarting from all that soap.

Disappointed but not devastated. Devastation is what our friends in Sierra Leone are experiencing. Quite frankly, losing to West Ham is a mere trifle in the whole scale of things. Mmmm, trifle. Easily distracted thankfully.

Sunderland next up at the Stadium of Light named in honour of the miners reflecting on their emergence from the pit at the end of day. The club, the Black Cats (our team bus must have driven over one on Saturday) was the originator of massive transfer spending in the 1950s as I remember. The original big spender.

Although I nurse a soft spot for their fans’ celebration of our snatching the title from the Rags with their subsequent taunting of their sad and sorry faces including dancing “The Poznan”, I still expect nothing less than a cruise, 1973 and all that.