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What a performance. You’d think it should be difficult to select a man-of-the match as every player was superb but for me yet again the opposition was blinded by the light of polished Silva. The very name in Spain refers to a kind of poetry. Well he is poetry in motion, very much like Billy. Oh, and who said we can’t score from corners?

Another shining light Dr Mourinho has thrown out his dummy again. Well his medic can sit on my bench anytime. Unlike the manager she’s inspirational – I might become a splinter again. Shows how much he cares about his players, his bald-faced disregard for their health adequately displays his contempt of anything not Jose. I might be a toothpick but he’s a first class prick who shall have just one point after the weekend. Demonstrating the validity of Stephen Hawking’s theory, as he disappears into the patent blackness of his own orifice, I hope he doesn’t miss his side getting murdered on Sunday. Not that he’ll care.