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When Billy passed on in 1958 I wandered lost for some time until a brief but brilliant opportunity came as my greatest moment – rarely on the bench but I managed to sneak in as a splinter in Colin Bell’s backside. Since then, well, to be continued…………..

First up West Brom, The Baggies. Several disputed origins of the nickname. I favour to protect from molten iron in the foundries. These useful trousers will provide a visual-only disguise when fear grips the fan and clenched backsides can’t be maintained. Tony Pulis has ordered a brown pair for Monday’s game. Just hope they don’t need a toothpick to release the contents. Pulis – there has been only one real Welsh wizard (no, not Mr Wilson). The magic of Pulis; insufficient eye of newt and toe of frog in his mix I feel, he must dread playing City, 1999, Play Off Final and all that.

The BBC programme New Tricks has its main characters named after bits and pieces of the club. Strangely the chap called “Not been champs since 1920” didn’t feature heavily. Only 5 years to their centenary then these founder members of the Football League.

The Hawthorns; City fans don’t forget your oxygen. Even though it’s August a Sou’wester is mandatory. As the ground’s pies have ferreted up and down the locals’ trousers, at half-time the exit gates will be opened enabling visiting supporters to have access to the external catering kiosks as well as to the smoking area and a resuscitation unit. Alcoholic beverages are available to visiting supporters at selected matches only.