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Pre-owned’. What does it mean? Has it never been owned, brand new or is it second-hand?

Am I paranoid? What contempt could the pundits throw our way after a succession of mauled victories over clubs located south of Watford? Oh, at half-time the first suggestion was West Ham had made three mistakes, when the only discernible mistake they made was to turn up.

On Radio 5 that ultra-lightweight Pat Nevin, holder of more runners-up medals than Jimmy White said, “I think if Manchester City plays the team they did tonight away from home against another team, they will be found out. They are far too open. Yaya Toure, as the holding midfielder, won’t get around enough against decent teams. West Ham is the perfect team for Manchester City. They played 4-4-2 and were destroyed in midfield. Tactically it was a mess.” The empty trophy cupboard in the Nevin household is testament to his football prowess, I’m going to inform Pep of Nevin’s expert judgement so he’ll know what he needs to do and like Nevin win absolutely three fifths of FA. Why do these people even think their mindless meanderings are worthy of recording? Why are they called upon? Why do they exist?

Paranoid – notice how well we play dressed in sky blue.

After the Spurs game (paranoid – when the ref conspired against us yet again) Harry Redknapp said City played so well it was like watching Barcelona. Yes Harry, I would buy a second-hand car from you my old china.