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Just heard Uwe’s granddad is revving up his engines for Tuesday night’s fixture at the swamp. In order to calm things down a bit, rumour has it that Billy Smart is taking over as manager from the turtle next season. What a shambles, the stadium emptied almost as quickly as it did when Edin Dzeko slammed in the sixth. It shows that we haven’t got a monopoly on farce and with Spurs’ failing to be the top London club by losing 5-1 to a 10-man relegated Newcastle it makes our season look pretty good. Although at the end of the marathon we stumbled over the line at least we got there and as top goal scorers and with a trophy.

I hope that Pep scrutinises our talented youngsters before splashing out although this summer’s wheeling and dealing shall make the close season very interesting.

Next season promises a genesis of even greater things and there’s no better ‘best’ than the best is yet to come.